You can see REAL KABUKI also in Asakusa! New Year Asakusa Kabuki at Asakusa Public Hall is suitable for beginners!

Kabukiza (Kabuki theatre in Ginza district) is the most famous place for seeing Kabuki play in Japan, but you probably do not know the other place where you can enjoy seeing REAL Kabuki play in Tokyo.

On every January, you can enjoy seeing Kabuki in Asakusa. That is called New Year Asakusa Kabuki. This is held at “Asakusa Public Hall” where many tourist are well known place, Asakusa.

This New Year Show is mainly played by young and popular Kabuki actors and this show has a face of “practice practice” (I think). So the programs are not too difficult for beginners and at one show, you can also enjoy seeing various programs, for example, the traditional play to dancing play. In addition the ticket is not expensive compare to Kabukiza!

So if you have a plenty time to spend at Tokyo in January, I strongly recommend to see Kabuki in Asakusa Pablic Hall!

Kabuki at Asakusa Public Hall
The place Asakusa Pablic Hall


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